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Elizabeth Haldane Court, Stornoway                               Isle of Lewis

Large social housing project in central Stornoway on former educational hostel site. Design was heavily influenced by the long, narrow site area and need to provide sufficiant off-street parking. 



Gibson Gardens,       Stornoway                               Isle of Lewis

This £3m+ project incorporates 24 housing units on a brown field site in Stornoway formerly occupied by an educational hostel.  The project incorporates high levels of insulation, solar and photovoltaic panels.  It was completed in 2013.



Mackay Court,           Stornoway                               Isle of Lewis

This project was carried out for the Heabridean Housing Partnership and it incorporates 15 no. residential units of mixed sizes. it is known localy as Stornoway's "Balamory".

Melbost housing development Isle of Lewis

This £6M+ project is the latest in a series of developments for this area. Work has just started preparing the site which will accomodate 50 housing units of varying design. Units will be shared equity, adapted and for rent. 


Bridge Cottages, New Market   Isle of Lewis

18 storey housing on an elevated site on the outskirt of Stornoway. Solar panels are incorporated into this project together with air source heat pumps.



Gearaidh Guirumm               Isle of Lewis

A small development in North-East Lewis of single storey residential units with timber clad porches.

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