Urban Planning

       Public Artwork, Stornoway                           Isle of Lewis

Won through National Competititon this design delivers a focal point within the "Narrows" of Stornoway. Constructed in wood from the Castle Grounds and Lewisian Gneiss it incorporates a stainless steal sail symbolising North and the latitude of Stornoway together with a Gaelic incription by Derick Thompson, "Half-recognising each by his kin, a knowing-without-remembering, and a remembering-without-knowing." Compass points are intergrated into the design through rainbow uplighters. Beneath the whole construction lays a secret time capsule......

          Goat Island Masterplan                             Isle of Lewis

Commisioned by Stornoway Port Authority to examine a vision for the outer harbour / Newton Basin.

        Lochboisdale Masterplan                         Isle of South Uist

Our involvement with this project was to develop a masterplan for housing, both private and shared equity. 



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